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This direct replacement engine management system for the Lotus Elise S3 models fitted with a Toyota 1ZR or 2ZR engines and manual transmission. 


The package uses our SCS Delta 900T6 ECU. This unit is a direct fit, fully programmable ECU that has been developed to fully integrate into the original vehicle. We support original CAN communications, ABS integration and advanced traction control. Programming via original OBD port via included communications cable.

Lotus Elise S3 1ZR/2ZR

    • Direct replacment engine management system for the S3 Lotus Exige 
    • SCS Delta 900T6 ECU.
    • Controls the original dash using CAN-BUS
    • CAN-USB Interface.
    • Direct Fit
    • Lead time on this product is typically 2-3 weeks
    • ECU is on exchange basis
    • Onboard wideband lambda support


    If your version of Elise is shown as 'out of stock' please contact us directly to discuss options for you. Our hardware has been developed to support every variation of T6 ECU and support for all models.

  • The Delta 900T6 ECU has been designed to fit within the original Lotus EFI ECU case. We require your ECU to be sent to us to have the circuit board changed. The original circuit board will be returned to you with your new ECU. 

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