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Rolling Road

SCS Delta have our own onsite rolling road for our own product development. This allows us to test all new functions of our ECU hardware in a controlled environment. We also offer a calibration and emissions testing service for customers using our ECU hardware which results in true 'start to finish' product support.

Rolling Road Hardware

Our dyno is a high quality SuperFlow AutoDyn11 capable of holding 750hp in steady state and is able to accurately and repeatably measure 1100hp in power runs at up to 150mph. Because of it's larger than standard retarder (brake), our 15hp cooling fan and effective cell air extraction we can perform testing on even the most powerful road and race cars. The AutoDyn 11’s rollers are only 58 cm apart so we can test narrow-track vehicles, yet its 3500 kg per axle test capacity and generous 246cm outer roll width allows us to test large and heavy cars or race cars with very wide-track. We monitor and record manifold pressure, engine bay inlet temperatures and lambda at a minimum.  

Essential Information

Bringing your vehicle to our rolling road to have your SCS-Delta ECU professionally calibrated will allow us to set up the powertrain control to achieve the particular characteristics that you require from your engine. Given that most people visiting us travel significant distances at significant cost, please take the time to read our Rolling Road checklist below to ensure that you and your engine get the most out of a visit to us and everything goes smoothly.

Essential Checklist

  • FUEL Full tank. Must be fuel that you want the car to be calibrated for - 95 RON, 97 RON, 99 RON etc. NO LEAD ADDITIVES. 

  • TYRES Road tyres fitted with correct pressures. No slicks or off-road tyres. 

  • WHEEL ALIGNMENT Driven wheel alignment to as per manufacturers recommendations (or parallel if not known). Camber to be kept to a minimum. 

  • RIDE HEIGHT Sensible ride height. Remember, the wheels drop in to the rollers so low bumpers and side skirts can bottom out.  

  • COOLANT and OIL Full with no leaks. If possible, warm the car through and overcheck for leaks. 

  • PLUGS and LEADS Plugs and leads in good condition. New plugs recommended as spares if the engine has been running poorly previous to the rolling road session 


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