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The Delta ABS system has been designed specifically for use by motorsport enthusiasts and professionals looking to take their on-track performance to the next level. 


Supplied as a complete package, the Delta ABS gives the driver the ability to to tailor the braking performance of their vehicle to suit the conditions as they change. By selecting the right slip level, from low to high grip, the brakes can be used at their optimum performance to ensure maximum retardation and vehicle stability.

Motorsport ABS


Included in the kit is our Delta ABS modulator with integrated control unit, complete wiring harness, 4x active wheel speed sensors, 2x brake pressure sensors, yaw rate and acceleration (IMU) sensor, slip position switch and warning light. By using supplied information about your vehicle, SCS will pre-program the system so that it will arrive ready to use.

Wheel speeds, slip switch position, brake pressures and brake bias are transmitted via the public CAN bus for use by ECUs, dashboards and data loggers.

Delta ABS is available to purchase here

The Delta ABS system has been designed specifically for use in the motorsport environment. The system is not approved, tested or calibrated for use on the public highway and it is the sole responsibility of the system user to ensure that it is not used on the public highway under any circumstances. Specialist Control Systems LTD will not be responsible or liable for any damage, to any party, arising for the system being used on the public highway.


DeltaABS PC Configuration Tool and Fitting Instructions are in the Delta ABS section of our file repo here

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