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Lotus Management Packages

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Specialist Control System Ltd (SCS Delta) have a diverse

range of management solutions for Lotus sports cars.

Our kits allow for fine tuning of the original engines, and

add the possibility of additional major upgrades were needed.

Our philosophy of keeping up to date with the latest technology

means offer control of all 4 camshafts on 2GR Evora and Exige



We currently have management packages for manual transmission

versions of Elise and Exige models as well as IPS or manual Evora:

Elise S1

Exige S1

Elise S2 (Rover)

Elise S2 (Toyota)

Exige S2 

Elise S3 (2ZZ)

Elise S3 (1ZR/2ZR)

Exige S3 V6


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