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Specialist Control System Ltd (SCS Delta) have a diverse

range of management solutions for BMW M performance

engines and cars. Our kits allow for fine tuning of these

high performance engines, and add the possibility of

additional forced induction upgrades were needed.

Our philosophy of keeping up to date with the latest technology

means that we can control the very latest direct injection 

engines along with the hugely popular N54 with its unique

piezo injectors.

Most recently, the BMW B58 has become a firm favourite due to its

closed deck design and massive power potential. Our latest ECU, the GDI6

is perfect for running this technologically advanced powerful engine. 


We currently have developed calibrations for the following petrol engines:

1.6 N14B16 I4 DI Turbo 220-320bhp

1.6 N18B16 I4 DI Turbo 220-320bhp

2.0 B48B20 I4 DI Turbo 265bhp

2.0 N45B20 I4 180bhp

3.0 M54B30 I6 230bhp

3.0 N54B30 I6 DI Bi-Turbo 300-450bhp

3.0 N55B30 I6 DI Turbo 300-450bhp

3.0 B58B30 I6 DI Turbo 340-500bhp

3.2 S54B32 I6 330+bhp

4.0 S65B40 V8 440+bhp

4.4 S63B44 V8 DI Bi-Turbo 550+bhp

5.0 S85B50 V10 550+bhp

Additionally we have calibrations the following diesel engines:

2.0 M47D20TU2 I4 165+bhp

2.0 N47D20 I4 Bi-Turbo 200+bhp

3.0 M57D30TU2 I6 Bi-Turbo 280+bhp

3.0 N57D30 I6 Bi-Turbo 300+bhp

We also offer direct plug in standalone management packages for much of the BMW range with complete CAN integration:

E34 M5 3.6

E36 M3 3.0

E36 M3 3.2

E46 330i 3.0

E46 M3 3.2

R55/56 MINI 1.6

We are confident we can help you to run any project engine, please contact us for your requirements

BMW Management Kits

Standalone Ford EcoBoost ECU
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