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Ford EcoBoost ECU

Specialist Control System Ltd (SCS Delta) have become the default choice for after market standalone management for the Ford EcoBoost engines. Our technologically advanced GDI6 ECU is leading the market

offering outstanding value powerful engine control system.

Our commitment to quality and development  as well as durability in harsh conditions has ensured that our systems have been chosen by many low volume manufacturers for their EcoBoost powered cars. We have been selected as the OE supplier of powertrain controls for the ETXE Vuhl 2.0 and 2.3 EcoBoost models along with the Zenos E10 2.0 GDI, 2.0 and 2.3 EcoBoost models. 

We currently have fully developed calibrations for the following engines:

1.0 EcoBoost 125-150bhp

1.5 EcoBoost 160-270bhp

1.6 EcoBoost 220-350bhp

2.0 EcoBoost 250-400bhp

2.3 EcoBoost 350-500bhp

3.5 EcoBoost V6 450bhp+

Additionally we support these Ford DI engines:

1.0 Fox GDI 80bhp

2.0 Ti-VCT GDI 195bhp

We also offer a very exciting direct plug in standalone management package for the hugely popular Ford Fiesta ST 180/200. With our expert knowledge of these advanced engines we can can help you achieve your power targets while retaining drivability and car integration.

We are confident we can help you to run any project engine, please contact us for your requirements

Standalone Ford EcoBoost ECU
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