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Discontinued ECU Model

SCS Delta are continually updating and improving our product range. This is through regular Firmware revisions to support newer engines and with model revisions and replacements to support new hardware. 

Supported Models

Delta 400 ECU

The SCS Delta 400 was built as a direct replacement for the older Typhoon ECU. With upgraded processor family it became one of the  fastest and most powerful ECU in its class. It also allowed for end users to to configure ignition outputs and crank/cam input through our software.

Replaced in 2020 with the compact Delta 400s

Delta 600s ECU

The SCS Delta 600 was an ECU designed for use on 6 cylinder engines using a cable throttle - perfect for a wealth of BMW powerplants such as the legendary S50 M3 unit. The majority of the pinout is the same as the 800 as these were a build time specification change.

Replaced in 2020 with the Delta 700s

Brochure Delta 600.png

Delta 800s ECU

The 800s model featured dual sided 8 layer PCB featuring laser drilled blind vias. The first ECU to be manufactured on our in-house assembly line.

Replaced in 2020 with the Delta 700s

Brochure Delta 800.png

Delta 880s ECU

Like the 800s, the 880s was manufactured using the 8 layer, dual sided PCB with is laser drilled vias. Truly cutting edge ECU technology.

Replaced in 2020 with the range topping Delta 900s

Unsupported Models

These ECU models are from an older generation of electronics hardware which due to component obsolescence are no longer viable for repair. However SXTune software can still be used to program these units and if in working condition are still a fantastic standalone ECU option. 

Typhoon II ECU

A capable and popular entry level ECU. Plastic box with an Orange end plate

Replaced in 2015 with the Delta 400

Storm II ECU

Developed as a stripped down Typhoon ECU, with additional stepper idle control. Originally build for Norton Motorcycles in the plastic box with a silver end plate. 

Replaced in 2015 with the Delta 400 that includes all Typhoon and Storm functionality

Tornado II ECU


A very advanced ECU with drive by wire throttle support. Available to run port injection, direct injection (with separate driver box) or diesel engines. Sealed plastic enclosure with an orange end plate.

Replaced in 2015 with the Delta 800 and GDI4 models

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