Common Rail Diesel Management

SCS Delta Diesel ECUs are capable of running most common rail diesel engines. The systems comprises a main ECU and a separate injector driver module or a combined 4 cylinder single box  unit. This enables the Delta Diesel to control both Solenoid and Piezo diesel injectors. We have successfully managed high pressure diesel pumps from Bosch, DENSO, Delphi and Siemens for a range of engines.


Our advanced hardware can support:

Piezo or Solenoid injectors

Single and twin turbo.

Variable geometry or wastegate control systems. 

J1939 CAN BUS protocols.

Between 3-8 cylinders.


Here is a small selection of engines we have already run with our system:

BMW 2.0 M47 TU2

BMW 2.0 Bi-Turbo N47

BMW 3.0 M57 TU2

Duramax 6.7 LML

Fiat/Alfa 1.9 JTD 16v

Ford DV5 1.5 8v

Ford DV6 1.6 8v

Ford DV6 1.6 16v

Ford Puma 2.4/3.2

Ford Global Puma 2.2/3.2

Jaguar Land Rover TDV6 2.7/3.0

Jaguar Land Rover TDV8 3.6

Peugeot DW10

Mercedes 3.0 OM642

Smart 0.8 OM660

Subaru 2.0 EE20 Euro 4/5

Subaru 2.0 EE20 Euro 6

Volkswagen 2.0 EA189 


We are confident we can help you to run any project engine, please contact us for your requirements

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