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This complete engine management system for the BMW S54 engine controls all the standard engine parameters including the double VANOS system. The package comprises an SCS Delta 880 ECU and modified BMW engine wiring loom (as an exchange). The ECU is pre-mapped for the standard S54 engine, modified engines will require remapping to optimise the power gain from those modifications.
With this ECU and loom combination the very powerful and readily available BMW S54 engine can easily be used in many different applications, including the popular E30 and E36 conversion.
The wiring loom is provided on an exchange basis only, a use able S54 engine loom must be provided. Lead time on this product is typically 2-3 weeks. For Drive by Wire throttle installations we advise the use of an E46 BMW electronic throttle pedal.

BMW S54 Engine Management Kit

    1. Complete engine management system for the BMW S54 I6 engine.
    2. SCS Delta 880 ECU pre mapped for a standard engine.
    3. CAN-USB Interface.
    4. Modified BMW engine wiring loom (must be supplied as an exchange).
    5. For use with an BMW E46 electronic throttle pedal or cable throttle quadrant (not supplied)
    6. Lead time on this product is typically 2-3weeks.
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