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This complete engine management system allows for full standalone running of the BMW M57 TU2 engine with common rail direct injection.
The package comprises a Delta Diesel ECU, Delta Piezo Driver Module, modifications to your engine wiring loom (as an exchange) and our USB-CAN ECU Interface. The ECU is loaded with a start up map for the standard engine, but our SXTune software allows for easy alterations to suit modified engines. 
The wiring loom is provided on an exchange basis only, a useable engine loom must be provided. Lead time on this product is typically 3-4 weeks. 

Note, only suitable for TU2 engine with Piezo injectors


    1. Complete engine management system for the BMW M57 TU2 engine .
    2. SCS Delta Diesel ECU pre mapped for a standard engine.
    3. SCS Delta Piezo.
    4. Modified Ford engine wiring loom (must be supplied as an exchange).
    5. CAN-USB Interface
    6. Lead time on this product is typically 3-4 weeks.
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