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Specialist Control Systems offer a range of calibration solutions to suit all types of engines fitted with one of our wide range of ECU's. 

Our popular rolling road tuning sessions allow for running cars to be bought to us to be professionally set up by one of our expert technicians. We maximise the performance potential, while ensuring maximum drivabilty and road manors at all times. A full dyno graph printout will be supplied once the session is complete showing full throttle torque and power figures attained by the vehicle. 

Please read through our rolling road information page before you visit


We have full tailpipe exhaust emissions test equipment and can ensure your car will meet all relevant emissions regulations before leaving us if required.

Some engines aren't destined for use in a car, or require a little more close control and for this we use an engine dyno. With the ability to closely monitor all parameter of an engine this service can often yield fantastic results and far more detailed performance data. Given the additional mounting and removal from the dyno, costs are usually much higher for this service - please contact us for further information.

Engine Calibration